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  1. Order Sample订单样本


  Dear Mr.Randall,

  Subject: Order for 10,000 Pairs of Sheep Leather Gloves

  Please dispatch to us 10,000 pairs of sheep leather gloves as per the terms started in your offer of March 29.

  Would you please take special care of the quality and the package of this order? The leather should be of the same quality as that used in the sample.We hope that you can pack each pair in an airtight polythene bag,a dozen pairs of gloves in a box and then 20 boxes to a strong seaworthy wooden case.We will order more if the first order with you proves to be satisfactory.

  We are enclosing our Purchase Confirmation No.2006-399 in duplicate for your signature.Please sign and return one copy for our file.Upon receipt of your confirmation,an L/C will be issued.Sincerely,

  Li Ming

  Import Director

  2. Order Letter订购函


  Please send to the following items to be shipped by way express,and bill us.The order is contingent on receiving the terms of 2%-30 days:1 doz.linen handkerchiefs:

  $ 2.40 4 pair tan pigskin gloves:

  $ 12.00 2 doz.Assorted Orlon sport shirts:

  $ 72.00 5 pair assorted cotton socks:$ 2.00


  3. Asking for/ Sending/ Declining Sending Samples索取/同意送付/拒绝送付样品

  Sample 1


  We are going to produce a trial piece of all wool suiting according to your sample cutting and written instructions.The sample piece is expected to be accomplished and sent to you by the end of next month.

  Sample 2


  As the quality of your woolen sample is not in the range of our current exports,we are prepared to arrange a special production.By our experience,slight changes in its composition are necessary and will only make the goods superior in quality.We shall then show you the trial sample and see if it can be accepted as a quality standard for bulk shipment.