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职位性质: 全职 有效日期: 2013年01月07日 至 2013年02月06日
招聘人数: 3 人
工作地点: 上海
电驱动系统工程师(应届生)_电动汽车 System engineer _ED(上海)职位描述:
Job Responsibilities:
-E-Drive concepts development and system evaluation/integration;
-System characteristics calculation/simulation;
-Projects communication/coordination within development;;
-FMEA analysis and establish system testing plan;

Qualification Requirements:
-Fresh graduate and master degree or above in elctro-mechanical or automotive engineering;
-Hybrid technologies know how;
-Good skills on English or German language;
-Good at communication and coordination skill;

Job Responsibilities:
-Preparation and performing E-drive system (include components) tests;
-Test result analysis/evaluation, creation of test reports;
-Communicate with HQ tightly to support local E-drive projects;
-Maintenance of test equipments, preparation of necessary toolings, support test rig buildings;

Qualification Requirements
-Fresh graduate and master degree or above in mechanical or automotive engineering;
-Work experiences on automotive drivelines testing;
-Good skills on English or German language;
-Work experiences on hybrid/EV preferred;
-Good at communication and coordination skill